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Text for Page 025 [06-18-1859]

chores and some writing, bed by 12.
  19.  Sunday.  Chores, writing &c till the
afternoon, then to 16th Street.   Found little Nast
with Haney.   An industrious little chap, German
by birth, American in speech (and exceedingly ungram
matically so) good-humored, I think, and unsophis-
ticated, but shrewdly intent on money making.   He
does a good deal of drawing now, since his quitting
Frank Leslie�s, but works rather from knack 
and industry than perception.  Haney has taken him
up of late.)  He likes playing patron, which habit
he may owe to his schoolmaster days.)  After sup-
ping we turned out together and into a rain-storm,
they going to Edwards�, I to Chapins�, joining them
subsequently.  Little Nast was there for the first
time and in high glee.    The girls noticed his
assaults on Lindley Murray when he came out with
�There are some people what thinks ��!�
  20.  Monday.  Writing.   A visit from Cahill
who has just left Thomson�s, receiving a request to
that effect from Mort, under the pretext, a pretty
transparent one, that his room was �wanted.�  They
part friendly though.     I and Haney had anticipa-
ted it, knowing it to be only a question of time.  Cahill�s
occasional intoxication has made the Thomson�s worry
of him, added to which it is advisable not to have
an unsafe looker-on behind the scenes while Mort
and Grace do their billing and cooing.  Cahill               
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