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Text for Page 026 [06-20-1859]

too hasn�t sufficiently prostrated himself body
and soul before Old Party, sometimes demurring
about sacrificing his dinner to comply with her grand
�hests in bidding them all come over for a tea-drinking.
(I know she spake against him to Mrs Edwards.)
Cahill says there�s an �answer to Correspondents� in
this weeks Ledger leveled at him, anent his getting 
drunk.  She invariably lets of small spites in that way.
Mort�s wooing goes on, he writing and receiving a
prodigiously long love-letter every day of his life.  All
his evenings are spent with Grace.    Slow for Jim,
with old Vampire absorbing him.      Cahill has got
board in Amity Place, I can see the house from my
window.    Seems to be doing nothing; has sold a farce
to Florence the actor, to get $5 per night for it.  He
stayed smoking till noon, then we went down town
in the rain together.   To Express Office, Fulton St
&c, parted after a glass of lager, I riding up town.
Writing the rest of the day.  Found Bob Gun and
J.A. Wood in Mc� Pyke�s, nocturnally.
  21.  Tuesday.  Writing hard all day, recom-
mencing and going through with article for Dixon.
Cahill present all the afternoon, smoking and reading.
To Dixon�s at night and read article over weiss-bier.
Looked in at Edwards� subsequently, at 10 �, fin-
ding Haney and another there.   Walked home with him.
  22.  Wednesday.  Finished editorial for Century.
(Cahill over in the morning.)  Down town, after going               
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