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Text for Page 029 [06-24-1859]

for his worshipper, but yet with an inevit-
able under-sentiment of self exaltation.   Wells is
femininely jealous, of Mort�s passion for Grace,
sometimes mopes about it; he was so, too, of
poor little �Chips.�     A good deal of unconscious reve-
lation upon the relations between the two men is
shown by Mort�s designating Wells, after his usual
habit of nick-naming his intimates, �Jane.�  Wells
can sew, mend rents in coats, affix missing
buttons &c, like any woman.     He writes poetry
too, serious, said to be good, has appeared in
the Knickerbocker.   A gentle, quiet, grave kindly
fellow, only lacking strong virility.   Dozes a
good deal of evenings.     This sort of nature may,
when hit hard in early life by Cupid�s arrow,
�creep like a hurt fool into sedges�.  Stronger
men, though their lives may be ever after affected
by it, certain phrases of character being more
developed than would have been had Bonnibell
proved accessible � do get over it.   Marry! its
no more eternal than a black eye � only the
cure takes years instead of days.        I think I
loved Mary Bilton as irrationally as a boy might
� even now, as I write, there�s an odd pang comes
across me as I think of that lovely English
face, ah! me, I wonder how it looks now at
thirty-five or six!) � but I don�t mope about
it         And I know Hannah has the deeper nature.               
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