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Text for Page 030 [06-24-1859]

  Wells is quite bold, though they say � I 
don�t know whether in earnest � younger than I am.
Bearded, grave, quiet, yet with fun in him � thats
Wells.     A good fellow, better than his idol, who
is a good fellow too in his way, but has been too
much petted and patted, by mother, �Chips� & Co.
Grace will introduce another element there, I know.
Got most of these details � the facts � from Cahill
who evidently likes Wells better than Mort.
  25.  Saturday.  With Cahill down town.  To
Century & Pic Offices, founded Bellew at the lat-
ter.     Together to Crook and Duff�s.   Joined by
Whiting.   This fellow besides his other delightful
qualities is a tremendous bore.   He has recently
got kicked from his post as treasurer at the Metro
politan theatre, I believe for some knavery.  Fred
Cozzens (�Mr Sparrowgrass�) came in; intro-
duced to him by Bellew, to my real pleasure.
Up town to dinner, writing &c; returned by 5.
To Post-Office, tailors, Pic &c.  With Bob Gun, 
Morris and Billington round to Crooks� again,
where Bellew still was, with Hamilton the English
architect and others.    Saponaceous man, Hamil-
ton.) Cahill called (at Bleecker) after supper,
stayed an hour or so.     To Dixon�s, he leaving
me at the house.   Dixon cashed up for article.
  26.  Sunday.  Chores and scribbling.   Called on
Cahill in the afternoon and with him to 16th Street,               
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