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Text for Page 033 [06-28-1859]

  28.  Tuesday.  To the Mercantile Library,
there looking through N.Y. Times volumes, for Cen-
tury article.      Did three drawings on wood in the
afternoon.  A little [phonography] in the evening.  Round to Hous-
ton St, Mrs Duryee moved; to Bob Gun�s.  Sears
there, from the country, two other boarders.  Gun pack-
ing up traps for moving.    Day and night very sultry.
  29.  Wednesday.   Read paper &c under the trees
in Washington Square, returning to room found Cahill.
(Gayler�s recent play produced by the Florence a failure)
Drawing on wood.    Down town in the afternoon,
to Century, Pic, Constellation, Nic-nax Offices &c
Saw Frank Leslie.   Met Kelly on my way down.
Rode up town.   Oppressively hot � painfully so.
  30.  Thursday.  Drawings.  Downtown in the
afternoon, to 16th Street, then to Edwards� in
the evening, wanting to see Haney whom I knew
I should find there.  Walking about for an hour
subsequently, talking on the usual topic.

  1.  Friday.  Down town and up again.  Did scarcely
anything all day, headachy, sick and miserable.
To Edwards� in the evening.   The same folks
present as on last Friday evening, much the same
doings, only, I think, not so much of a success.  Ed.
Wells did his fandango in grotesque ballet costume,               
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