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Text for Page 034 [07-01-1859]

in a Balmoral petticoat, looking with his beard
like a mild Zouave extemporizing a dance for the
amusement of his comrades.     I stood up in one
dance, but felt withal rather grave and sad, a
little but not wholly the result of to-day�s out-of-sorts-
  2.  Saturday.   A wearying day.  Hither and thit-
her, up town and down.   Met Mort Thomson at the
Sunday Courier Office, he inviting me to visit him,
partly, I think, in consequence of his solitariness during
his mother�s absence.  Haney joined us, and anon
Cahill at Crook & Duff�s.  To Nic-nax office where
we broke up company.   Up town, by car, to Clinton
Hall, an hour and a half of turning over Times
volume.   Dinner, down town again, to Century Of-
fice, too late to get money � a very little � due to
me.    To Pic Office, after nearly an hours waiting
Gun came.   Got $2 out of $10.   Up town toget-
her, overtaking John Wood by the way.   He told
me on Gun�s quitting us that Cahill�s been round visi-
ting him nearly every evening.    He suspects Cahill got
to making love to the wet-nurse at Thomson�s &c �
maybe it is but a suspicion.        Cahill said she was
pretty, though.  Probably he has let out more freely to
  3.  Sunday.  Scribbling, dozing and doing
chores.  Weather at first equivocal developing into
rain storms, fast and frequent.    After tea to               
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