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Text for Page 035 [07-03-1859]

16th street, Cahill (who hallooed to me
from his window) accompanying, and subse-
quently.    Haney not being at home, seeing me
to Chapin�s.        When I left there the sky was
so black overhead as to portend an unmitigated
rainy morrow, threatening our proposed pic-nic.
I easily resigned myself to its anticipated aban-
donment for I secretly distrust all set holidays
and festivities.      If expectation do not produce dis-
appointment, happiness always provokes reminescen-
ces and longings which are overpowered by the
work of daily life.      The girls, however, didn�t see
it in any such light and were bent on hoping against
hope, anent the weather.
  4.  Monday.   Up by 5 or earlier, sunshine,
clear and cool.    To Edwards� as appointed, through
the early streets, sunlight flushing the house-tops;
here and there an explosive boy commencing his
day�s pyrotechnics.         Matty, pretty by morning�s
light as overnight (as not all girls are) with
rosy-red in her fair face; Sally nice-looking
but paler from lack of sleep � caused by appre-
hension of bad weather; Eliza, youngest and
strictly speaking possessing the finest face of the three,
the one with most character in it � appearing sever-
ally.   Also Haney.  Also young Honeywell, Nast
and Wells.      Jack discharging pistols promiscuous-
ly.   Breakfast.   Leaving Haney to convey girls in               
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