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Text for Page 036 [07-04-1859]

carriage we fellows set off down Broadway
and to the North river, near Robinson St, where
lay the Armenia with fluttering flags and the old
�Calliope� playing like a musical giant with the
stomach ache!    Carriage and girls there already.
Mr & Mrs E. stay behind for an hour or two,
not caring to trust house entirely to new Biddy.
Up the river.  On the breezy after deck all sitting
together � rather too breezy.   Ed Wells with felt hat
flapped about his ears and coat skirts drawn over
his trousers looking like something between Dickens�
Fagin on on abbot out on a spree.   Little Nast
shoulder shrugging and grimacing, rather devoting
himself to Eliza.    Sally taking care of little Jessie,
Mrs George Edwards girl, in which office I relieved
her.    Haney fumigatory.   Knudsen (whom I�ve forgot-
ten to mention) finding it windy and looking very
Norse and Hardy-Knutish.       Honeywell as much
beside Matty as practicable.   He is but hard there,
and made some progress during the day; she
palpably �didn�t mind�; hitherto she has been more
than indifferent.   Not a very brilliant or sensible
young fellow, but I liked him; he is in earnest
as far as he knows.     There�s always something
touching in a boys� young feelings about a pretty
girl.    I fancied how the day must be glorified
to him, the sparkling river and bright morning
sky, how he must look at and think of her               
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