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Text for Page 038 [07-04-1859]

who hospitably proferred a demi-john of
liquor tasting like camphene (so said the par-
takers) to most of our party and conceived a sud-
den affection for �the old man� as he called Mr
Edwards, who didn�t like the appellation.      Tea
at the house, then for the return.   Into an omni-
bus, being a load-full in ourselves, notwithstanding
which more women were crowded into it compel-
ling the girls to take refuge on masculine laps.
Never were horses more misused in omnibus pro
pulsion, I think, for the top of the vehicle was crow-
ded also.    Yet the blatant driver wanted all the
men on top for more space for women, waiting by
the road side, and only desisted when a general
roar was threatened.           Piermont at last.    Here
we find three and a half hours delay awaiting
us ere a New York train would appear, a very
unsatisfactory surprise.   Deliberation.   Climbed
hill side where were firework preparations,
rambled off, Wells read his �poems.�        I mis-
sed the party for two hours, descended to the
village and witnessed the pyrotechnics, feeling both
physically and mentally dismal.     Found folks
at railroad dep�t; more weary waiting.    Cars
at last and a horribly slow progress home.  Little
Nast and Honeywell asleep with their heads together,
the latter snorting intermittently, oblivious of Mat-
ty also fast asleep, her head in Eliza�s lap.               
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