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Text for Page 039 [07-04-1859]

New York by about 1 � in the morning,
parting with the Edwards at Vesey St, into
6th Avenue car with Haney and Knudsen and
so to bed.      All horribly tired.
  5.  Tuesday.   Mostly resting.   Down town
in the afternoon.   Very tired, weak and diarrhea-
ish; to bed early.     Cahill called to hear about
  {6.  Wednesday.       A Letter from Hannah.
  7.  Thursday.       News items; Ned has  broken
  8.  Friday       off with Mary Ann Chinner,
circumstance helping him to effect what I have
no doubt he has long secretly inclined to.  She
talked shrewdishly to him about a proposal visit 
of his to Neithrop, saying he ought to spend his
holidays with her, that �she had been disgusted
at his conduct for a long time�, that �if he had
no more care for her they had better part� &c
&c.     So Ned took her, unexpectedly, at her word.
She has been over to our house to get my mother�s
and sisters� intercession, and the former talked to
Ned �seriously� saying among other things that �she
had hoped that M. A. would have been the means 
of his conversion.�    She believes in the Chinner�s
religion does my good mother.   Ned knows better
than that.   He has not acted handsomely but
I don�t pity the woman, who is vulgar-souled,
mean-natured and selfish, her �religion� only               
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