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Text for Page 049 [07-09-1859]

used as a dining room.     Miss C. is
conversable enough; rather passee in point of
years, impresses one not disagreably, talks
the Yankee dialect, as do all the boarders,
especially Le Blond, whose atrocious pronun-
ciation is, as Fanny Fern would say �cru-
cifying.� (Gon for going a special abomination.)
  A Mr Grisold, a recent accession, chums
I find with Johnson and Phillips � name
of the English born boarder.      These
at present comprise the inhabitants of 132
Bleecker, who�ll probably develop more exten-
sively hereafter.
  10.  Sunday.  Writing, chores &c.  Haney
came by 11 and stayed all day, dining &
supping with me; he having slightly lamed
himself by a bathe during the pic-nic day,
we didn�t turn out till evening when, we strol-
led in and about the Square.     Got to compa-
ring notes with him touching our holiday, and
found it was to him as melancholy as to my-
self, if not bitterer.   He, as I, had hoped for
rainy preventation.       The girls showed them-
selves children no longer so markedly that we
can�t regard them on the old, delightful fast-
ing.   They rather threw us over too, Haney,
Wells and myself, for the juniors.  National
enough of course, and right, still none the               
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