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Text for Page 051 [07-10-1859]

a sober brow at the return from the
pic-nic that they have been at him to know
the reason.    Sally asked me, on my customary
drop in at the house, after Chapins!
  Haney has visited Mort Thomson and says
there�s a desire for the acceptation of a general
act of amenity on Fanny�s part to include
both myself as well as him.    Jim has broach-
ed it.     I�ll see Old Party damned first!
The intimacy came to a proper and natural
conclusion; I was outlawed from no wrong
or lack of fealty, and will assu-
redly neither pamper her confounded arrogance
by accepting a pardon for no offence, or for-
feit my own pleasanter independence.   So
much for her consistency towards one whom
she chose to Ledgerize as a sycophant and
backbiter.                               Apropos of Mort
he with Sol Eytinge, went up in Frank Leslie�s
editorial room last week, the latter intent on
licking Watson � not the vulturous-looking but
the red-headed one, for that he, in his cups,
had been defaming the chaste Allie!   Cahill
reports this Watson as a slimy and treacherous
person and J. A. Wood says he is addicted
to tattling when drunk.    Of late he has consorted
intimacy with his vulturous namesake.    Well,
Mort and Eytinge, both being intoxicated, found               
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