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Text for Page 054 [07-12-1859]

  12.  Tuesday.   Hither and thither, up
town and down.   Left M.S. at Century Office,
up town per omnibus and to work on big pine-
wood poster for Haney.    Down town with it by
4 1/2.     Writing in the evening.     Fetched down
to see Selena Jewell � or rather Wall, � and
her husband.   He came in the morning looking
for board.     He knows Johnson, who lives here.
Selena looked well, said that she (and he) had
returned from their wedding trip on Saturday.
Mrs Jewell & Sexton are at Bergen.   Wall
took the Bradburys� room and one adjacent;
with his wife will move in on Thursday.
  13.  Wednesday.  Writing all the morning,
day hot as blazes.   Down town to correct proof etc.
at the Century Office.   Elsewhere.   Returning with
John Wood and Rosenberg whom I met outside
Frank Leslie�s.    Rosenberg with his broad, good-
humored, egotistic face, its animalism illuminated
by approbative jocularity, looked for the time being
like a compromise between Walt Whitman and a
corpulent Lanave.     One of his eyes was partially
discolored, his face sunburned, bruised and swollen,
the first and last owing to a fight in Bleecker Street
for no particular reason beyond his being drunk and
musical.          He was bare throated, had neither neck-
erchief or collar in homage to the overpowering heat               
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