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Text for Page 055 [07-13-1859]

of the day, which heat presently culminated
in a really terrific tornado.     We three had spent
fifteen minutes over claret-juleps at Delmonico�s,
when the bursting of the storm necessitated our ta-
king refuge at the Star in Lispenard street.     After
a preliminary and most picturesque whirlwind of dust,
obscuring everything in a grand smother, down came
the fierce rain like streams from a cataract, the
lightning was incessant, and the thunder bellowed
and roared as if earth and heaven were going to 
wrack. (Trees were uprooted, houses overturned, people
killed, and a good deal of mischief done generally, as
we learnt afterwards.)      Meantime we sucked at our 
juleps.           Wood added a fresh O�Brienism.  Dr
Palmer (of the Tribune and �Up and Down the Ira-
waddy�) has just returned from Boston (probably
from concluding arrangements pertinent to his becoming
additional editor to the Atlantic) and reports O�B
confined to his bed from a severe licking received at
the hands of a bar-tender, I think of the Tremont
House.   The Baron of Inchiquin�s patrician eyes
were blacked, his aristocratic nose maltreated, etc.
By the way, I don�t remember putting down another
anecdote, derived from Haney; relating how a shabby
and unfortunate boarding-house landlady had appear-
ed at Phillips and Sampson�s (the publishers of the
Atlantic) to solicit the firm�s interference in her
favor, with Mr O�Brien.            To complete the sub-               
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