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Text for Page 056 [07-13-1859]

ject, I put down Rosenberg�s account of O�B�s
characteristic Diddlerism at a boarding house, in
this city, where both of them boarded.    After get-
ting in debt to the amount of $80 or $100, O�B,
in answer to the landlord�s repeated applications, inform
ed him impressively that he �should have no money for
him � for two weeks, when his play being produced,
the debt should be discharged in full.     Towards the
running out of this period, he gave a supper to
half a dozen fellows, actors &c (Brougham among
them) as desirous of celebrating the performance of
his play in advance, �having no better� about it;
inducing the landlord to further expenditure, in wands
&c, ordering in champagne and liqueurs from two
different wine-merchants.    The party kept it up till
morning, making a devil of a row, getting drunk,
and when they departed O�Brien accompanied one
of their number � to return no more to that boarding
house!       The table suffered such deterioration in
quality in consequence of the landlord�s losses, that
Rosenberg (who stood it until it came down to bread
and butter and onions for tea!) had, with his wife
to leave also.                         Story told by Rosen-
berg of N.P. Willis, to whom he had warm letters
of introduction, on arriving at this country, proposing 
to marry him to a fortune, and on discovering that
he was already married dropping his acquaintance,
till then quite assiduously cultivated.  �It�s damned               
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