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Text for Page 034 [01-05-1851]

              and issue from the womb, the Landmarks of time flitting inexorable by, it
behoves them to know for What they Live.     And of false ends, and lastly of
the true one, as manifest in that of Jesus Christ.      /             Return,
walk up Broadway,  and Canal, oyster-stew and ale at the latter, en trium-
  6. Monday.  To the Office, and saw Mr Anderson, just about to start
for Washington. Sanguine as to success.    To the Era Office, then to Genins.
Afternoon to Era Office again, to the Office of Holden�s Magazine, to
�Life� Office (where I saw Van Fleet, who telleth how dissension hath nigh ended the
existence of that paper, which will be defunct ere long.)  To the Post Office, to Wells
and Webbs�,  to Park Place, then return.  Drawing in the evening, in
company with Alf Waud. Charley out, en attendance on his lady-love, who,
poor girl is sick.   He has returned to the employ of Roberts, his former �boss.�
  7. Tuesday.  Drawing the weeks �Era �subject on wood all day till evening.
Waud with me during the evening, and part of it Charley.   Mr Hart called.
Ere long he departeth again for Stanhope.     Talk of Payne�s Air Gas, of the
Navigation of the Atmosphere � and of the Spirit-World.
  {8. Wednesday.     Down town, making a call at the Office, and at
  9. Thursday.}     Genins. He being sick, left drawings to be conveyed up-
town to him, with a letter.  Man called in the afternoon, requesting me
to visit Genin.  How the minor detail of the two days passed I bear not in
mind, save drawing the head gear.  Coat of arms drawing.
  10. Friday.  Was about starting for up-town when a note arrived from
Genin, so turned my nose southwards. Called on him. Afternoon,
drawing Head gear from a fine illuminated book on Ancient English Costumes
Evening the boy Anderson�s called with the news that their �old man�
as they phrase it hath telegraphed from Washington that his plans
are approved of. Natheless it is not yet decided. May it hap as he               
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