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Text for Page 058 [07-16-1859]

Got also at the latter a letter for an apocry-
phal �Mr Robert Butler Gunn,� from Geneva,
from Mrs Church.   My first letter never reached 
her, the second was received on her return to Florence
from a two months visit to Rome and Naples.
She left Italy sooner than she had intended in con-
sequence of the war, was in Florence during the
�revolution, which looked like a festival,� and is
now resident in a locality familiar to her, her father
(when U. S consul, I suppose)  having lived there.
Thinks of deferring her return till next spring.  A
lady�s letter, friendly, rather elaborately expressed,
with few details in it.   Greetings desired to the
16th street folks which I shan�t hurry myself to
convey to their destination, as Mrs Pot is accustomed
to inquire �whether I have heard from Mrs Church�?
with an air of placid knowingness peculiarly offen-
sive.   Like all low women she can�t suppose the 
possibility of intimacy or correspondence between the
sexes without warmth of interestedness.   The
cackling old washerwoman of a Mrs Bradbury actually
left tattle of this business behind her among the folks
of the new dynasty!                         Cahill came
in the evening, staying till 10 or later.   Out of luck;
the weeklies retain but don�t print his writings,
Florence don�t bring out his farce, won�t buy it out
and out for $30.   He is therefore out of spirits,
but it don�t develop fresh endeavor.   He does little               
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