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Text for Page 059 [07-16-1859]

but read, talks of going on the stage, etc.
Shared a bottle of stout with him, which I�d bought
on my way uptown in the rain, and we talked.
He related much of his London life about town.  Al-
ways the same fellow � there can be no change in him.
Had a legacy of two or three hundred pounds and
knocked it all down in dissipation in a few weeks.
Lost a good berth in business, didn�t try to obtain
another and came to New York on a sudden whim.
He wouldn�t make a bad comic actor but the life
is, at first, a hard one, needs industry and express
one to temptation towards drunkenness which would be
fatal to Cahill.     Father was an Irishman.
  17.  Sunday.  Chores.  A sultry walk to 16th
street, Haney out.    Cahill in my room, for a book.
To 16th street again, after tea, little Nast supping
with Haney.   Left them at Edwards� to Chapin�s
(the church closes henceforth till September) then re-
joined them.     Two Californians present, another visitor,
besides Haney & Nast aforesaid.        The girls, more
than ever threw Haney and me over, with the ex-
caption of Sally.    They just shake hands with us, then
talk to others the whole of the evening.   Sally knows
there�s something amiss, suspects indefinity, wants to
remedy it.             Haney and I talked it over; he a
good deal hurt and melancholy about it, I affected in
my degree.       Shall incontinently commence a sliding
scale of decreasing visits and the hitherto pleasant               
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