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Text for Page 060 [07-17-1859]

house, for my part.     Let one say what
you will in behalf of the natural want of thought
in youth, there�s just a spice of ingratitude in�t
too, in being so ready to throw over, for new faces,
fellows whom they must know have always regard-
ed them with gentleness and kindness.    It matters
less about me, who until of late, have never been
specially intimate, but Haney�s known �em from
baby-hood.         Being both of us lonely enough in
daily life, cast among more than enough of arid people,
we had deligted to believe in these girls so entirely,
as good and unaffected and unspoiled.   All smash-
ed for me!    I drop back on observation, on an
extra cynical pipe and Work.                       Mort
Thomson, returned from a visit to Boston, reports par-
ticulars of O�Brien�s recent licking, which was infi-
nitely more severe than has been supposed.   Mort
talked with his antagonist, the bar-tender.  O�B
was drunkenly insolent, again and again, till the
man, provoked beyond endurance, leapt over the coun-
ter and pitched into him.    O�B kept his room
for three weeks � or rather the room of an acquain-
tance.    Bar-tender was 30 lbs less than his adver-
sary in weight.     O�B has had delirum tremens
twice while in Boston, and is a good deal nearer
the bottom of the inclined plane he has always been
descending.    He insulted another man subsequent
to the fight at the Tremont, and was literally car-               
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