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Text for Page 063 [07-21-1859]

  21.  Thursday.   Out to Bowery, hither
and thither.     Return; Mrs Jewell off,  tem-
porarily with her daughter.    Gun up.   A letter
from home, from my mother and Rosa.    My father
�in the same morbid state�, won�t leave town this
summer.       Uncle Fielder and wife �in their 85th
year.�     Tanner, Charley�s friend, in partnership
with his father at Lewes.     Rosa�s letter is painful-
ly Calvinistic. / Drawing hard all day, having extra
cuts to do for Pic.    Cahill up, as usual, at night.
More revelations, of a different sort.   Sitting or
lying on the bed, he said he knew the girl he
would marry, were there �any chance� of it.   �Which
of them, is it?� I asked.  He played about a little
before answering, though I didn�t need it.   I knew
it could only be pretty Mattie Edwards.     He has
been hit as hard as his nature will admit of, too.
Has talked with her, walked with her, been at the
house overmuch of evenings with Haney (some six
months ago) has looked too often into the girls� sweet
eyes, on her fair smooth hair and rose-red cheeks
� I can�t wonder at it.     One evening in special
he had her company in a walk, when they got to
talking low and confidentially.  On the return to the
house Mrs Edwards surprised them sitting together on the
sofa, looking at each other.        Cahill says the girl
divines his secret, though he never told it.     This,
he asserts, he wouldn�t do, knowing he has no posi-               
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