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Text for Page 065 [07-21-1859]

wholly cut off from the family.    Papa Ed-
wards on meeting him at Haney�s Nic Nax Of-
fice, at first wouldn�t observe and then was cool
to him.          Poor Cahill!  I know that none
of his emotions are very permanent, that he has
been foolish and worse than foolish �� but I felt
sorry and sympathetic for him.    The thought of the
girl�s sweet face shining in upon his unwise and
impure career which drifts him along, he knows not
whither, must deepen its gloom, now and then.  How
bitter, that �it might have been� to him, poor, 
shabby and almost characterless!     I, knowing sadly
that it was of no avail, encouraged him to let the
flame burn, hoping it might consume worse matter
and purify his soul�s atmosphere.    At the same time
I told him my estimate of the girl, almost from an
older point of view than I have attained.    He thinks
Haney suspects him of some such passion, erroneously
fancying Sally the object, who, supposes Cahill, will
be Mrs Haney, one day.   Shouldn�t wonder.   Its
next to impossible that he, longing for a wife and a
home as I know he does � as I myself do � should
have looked in, day after day, and evening after eve-
ning, on that pleasant trio of girl-hood without some
personal hope growing up in his breast.    Cahill, un-
justly harboured a mite of suspicion that Haney was
not unwilling to see him out of the way.  This I set
right.              To further complicate matters, little Nast               
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