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Text for Page 066 [07-21-1859]

talks much of Sally!    He is going into
the country with them.     Poor little Nast!  You
are in for a heart twinge, my boy!            What
an old, old story it is!    How amusing and how
touching!     Cahill and I must have talked till
past 1 in the morning, � finally about the meaning
of Existence and what lies beyond it.
  22. Friday.   Drawing till the afternoon.  Gun
up.     Down town, to Century Office &c.  Drawing
at night, on wood, hard.   Rather weary.  A
letter from Mary Anne which made me none the
more cheerful.     She �has been doing light work for
her board as she cannot undertake a regular place
of all work;�  don�t know where she shall �put her
head� on leaving; �the boys will have no money till
their crops come in�; there has been a law suit a-
bout the money due to her; so she �has pretty
tough times.�     I think so, indeed.       Cahill up.
  23.  Saturday.   Headachy and out of sorts.
Down town with Cahill, to Pic, Century Office
&c.  Met Weldon, a little inebriated on entering the
Park, and he immediately taxed me with the autho-
ship of the Century editorial on the Times, declaring
that he had asserted this in the Times office to all
present.      It was of little use to deny it, and Briggs
coming along, Weldon must needs tell him, presently
driving at my pocket, crammed with newspapers and
lugging out a �Century � directed to England.  I               
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