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Text for Page 067 [07-23-1859]

couldn�t help grinning though annoyed, for it
had been advisable to keep the authorship of the arti-
ces secret.    Briggs took it well enough, talked curt-
ly and passed on.     Rode up to dinner and got rid
of headache in a doze.   Cahill up in the evening.
Bob Gun returned to live in this house to day, taking
the �hall-front� room on the story beneath me, once
the sleeping apartment of the Levisons!
  24.  Sunday.  A Paradisical day, like its pre-
decessor, �so calm, so cool, so bright, the bridal of the
earth and sky� that it�s pity to know there�s sin
or sorrow in the world.      To 16th St, found
Haney in bed at 10 3/4.   Saw Leslie.  Out with
Haney, left him, returned.     In the evening to
16th, again, then to Edwards�.     Mr and Mrs E.
away at Poughkeepsie for a day, Matty opened door
to me,  Haney, Knudsen, Nast, Honeywell and the
two other girls being on the roof.     A bit of talk
with Matty anent recent presumed unfriendliness
� all right.      Folks descended.  Much talk of
the coming country sojourn.  They start for Graf-
ton fair Corners (I think the name is) on Friday
next.   Tis a small place, some 14 miles inland
from Troy.   Knudsen and Nast (and Jack) got
with them, Haney proposes one weeks� visit, after the
two have elapsed.     I was kindly enough invited,
especially by Sally, but don�t think I shall go.  God
bless the whole family � but these glimpses of girl               
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