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Text for Page 068 [07-24-1859]

company only set my heart aching for happi-
ness which I see no chance of my possessing for
many a long day yet.       Haney said he wouldn�t
go, last Sunday.   Unless he knows what he goes
for he�ll pay for it, by a heart ache.
  Only a year or two ago, these girls were children.
How strange that they should affect us thus!  Not
at all strange, either.                               I met
Cahill posting down the 5th Avenue, before going
to Edwards�.   He had been duplicating his dinner at
Mort Thomson�s, and came to the resolution that �he
would be an Actor.�
  25.  Monday.  In doors till evening, then to Hil-
lard�s, finding Oliver at his brother�s residence; there
till near eleven.    At 16th street on my way; Haney
just left with somebody, I suppose Wells.
  26.  Tuesday.  Writing letter to my mother.  Out.
Cahill came in the afternoon.   An in-doors evening.
Morris called; he, with Gun in my room awhile.
Mrs Jewell visiting her daughter.          Some part
of the evening in the room of Dr Kinne, who has kept
his bed for the last four days.    Leblond there, also
a Mrs Rich, a widow who keeps a boarding-house over
the way.     The woman one of the fast, vulgar sort,
her chatter of an exaggerated, approbatively self-wil-
led character, turning chiefly on her readiness to 
shoot men under certain provocation! which she evidently
considered a proof of fine spirit, if not fine ladyism.               
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