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Text for Page 070 [07-26-1859]

  This spoken before three men, by the wife
of one of them!     And neither of these women
but believe themselves to be Ladies, of perhaps
rather superior clay than ordinary.              The
Rich, it appeared, knew me well enough by sight
and by name � said that one of her lady boar-
ders, now in St Louis had made a drawing of
me.     The woman turned a compliment on it; asked
me to come and see her.       I think I�ll go ��
matter for spleen there!
  27.  Wednesday.   Writing, etc., then to Mercantile
Library, thence by car down town.   Found Mc El-
rath at the Century Office who told me of his secession
from the paper.   Saw Gibbons the editor and had a 
talk with him.   Hither and thither, anon up town; bla-
zing hot day.     Cahill up in the evening: talk. �Widow�
Rich�s brag of yesternight was, it seems, based on some
foundation; she had attempted to stab her husband
only being withheld from it by a timely arrival.    Said
husband has not unnaturally deserted her.   The
woman possesses a doubtful reputation generally.
Talk of Sol Eytinge, of Allie, Josey and Haney,
with filling-up items and details.   Cahill, I find,
suspects the nature of the intimacy between Haney
and Allie; asserts indeed that Haney�s leaving Blee-
cker Street for a Broadway lodging (over Madame
Malberbe�s) was in order to prevent his nocturnal 
absences being known to Levison.   Probable.  Josey               
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