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Text for Page 073 [07-27-1859]

Cahill knows her address.   He says John
Wood wished to be �great with her�, to use a
Charles 2. phrase, but Josey, though not at all ex
clusive, didn�t comply.
  28.  Thursday.  In doors all the lovely sum-
mer�s day, drawing.   Cahill up, left him and
to Edwards�.   A room full of folks, the girls, Haney,
Nast, Wells, Honeywell, Pillow, a Californian, Knud
sen &c present and a hop in progress.   A fare-
well party for the girls, Jack, Knudsen and Nast
start for Grafton Centre to-morrow.     Haney glorious
in a red neck-tie, made and given by Sally.   Ahem!
I believe that she has been �spoken for� there, and
was favored with a queer sort of half-implied con-
fidence on the subject.     What a delicious thing is
praise from the lips of a woman!  Said Sally to
me, in the course of this little twenty minutes conver-
sation, �You know more than any body that comes here.
Not perhaps that there�s of use here� (in America
� in pushing one�s way in life) �but books and
that.   It�s as good as a book to hear you talk
sometimes. �     I can�t tell how this pleased me,
as, honestly, I hadn�t thought they � or she � discrimi-
nated me anyway.        Matty, being very plainly
dressed didn�t look so pretty as usual.   Eliza
was pretty and pert.
  29.  Friday.  Non mi recordo as to particulars.
Principally drawing, I fancy.   Cahill up in the               
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