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Text for Page 074 [07-29-1859]

morning and at night, as last night,
camping on mattress &c.   He has been turn-
ed out of his boarding-house, owing for two weeks.
What little appeared he has remains there.  Florence
don�t produce his farce, won�t advance money on
it, the editors of the Sunday papers retain, not
print his sketches, and altogether he is despe-
rately hard-up.
  30.  Saturday.  Drawing.   Down town,
hither and thither in the afternoon.    Calling at Ed-
wards� in the evening to get a book, Parton happened
in.   He proposing to lend me others pertinent to 
an article I have to write, I accompanied him to
his home, waiting outside, till he brought the volumes.
  Morris becomes an inmate of this house to-day,
taking my old room.
  31.  Sunday.   In doors till evening, when with
Morris and Gun, went to 16th street, called on
Haney and subsequently to Palace Garden.   Met
little Perkins there and saw Wilks of �Porter�s Spirit�
&c.       Cahill up in my room this morning and
as usual, at night.   Haney ordered a story of him
paying $6 for it, which money his ex-land lady
accepted, before refusing him further accommodation.
She knows Mrs Potter, or Mrs P. has visited
her.     Cahill got $2 from Smith of the 
Courier.     I had occasion to go up in that of-
fice on Saturday afternoon, having a portrait or               
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