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Text for Page 075 [07-31-1859]

sketch of John Leech to dispose of, with a bit of
an article.    Haney, Briggs and Smith were there.
I had no sooner exhibited my drawing when the
second exclaimed, like the insulting beast he is:
�I don�t believe that is a portrait of Leech!� adding,
more of the same sort in manner and speech.   Its
only his �manner�, says Haney.     With a spice of
thought about a certain Century editorial, too.     I
always felt that Briggs was a beast, tried to modify
my opinion, and as usual, am confirmed in first

  1.  Monday.  Writing hard all day.  Century
editorial.       Cahill slept at Wood�s lodgings.
  2.  Tuesday.  Down town in the afternoon, hither
and thither.     Cahill up in the evening and anon
Haney.   With the latter to Edwards�.     A letter
from Jack describing the journey into the country,
illustrated by Nast�s sketches.     Found Cahill
sitting in Washington Square at 11 1/2, miserably
enough, looking at the fountain.   He home with
me, as usual.
  3.  Wednesday.  Down town, hither and thither,
a very hot day.  Saw Sol Eytinge in the street,
the first time for many months.  He looks broad
and well.    Met Frank Wood and the artist               
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