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Text for Page 076 [08-03-1859]

Stephens.                Jack Arnold visited
Bob Gun to-night.    Morris and Cahill in
my room, from which the former has just reti-
red, and where the latter is sleeping in a chair,
on the other side of the table at which I write
  4.  Thursday.  In doors, drawing &c all
the wet, close, miserable day.
  5.  Friday.  Continuation of yesterday until
4 P. M. when becoming so feverish and nervous with
over-long imprisonment in doors, and the weather
promising to clear up went down town.
  6.  Saturday.  Down town, day a lovely one.
To Century, Pic, & other offices.   Drawing till
late at night.             This night I occupy an
unshared room, the which I�m not sorry for,
Cahill returning to his Amity Place boarding-
house.   Yesterday his landlady visited me, wish-
ing to know what had become of her ex-lodger,
requesting him to call on her, which this morning
he did, presently returning in high glee and
clean linen.    The woman was also his laundress
and had, he says, detained his clothes for security
of the owing $2, refusing to give them up on his
application.     I had a mind to speak to the woman
when she came to me, about the inhumanity of
the proceedings but as the event proved it was well
I refrained.     Cahill acknowledges he lied to me               
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