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Text for Page 077 [08-06-1859]

about her refusal, saying he was too ashamed
to go there.    Not the only lie he has been guilty of
concerning his position, I fear.    From Haney
I learn that his landlady visited Mrs Potter,
representing that Cahill owed her $15 instead
of $8, that he instead of paying her the $6 ob-
tained from Haney, only promised at a certain
hour to give her �a check� for the entire amount,
of course breaking his word.    Mort Thomson
met him at Crook and Duff�s during the week
Cahill being at dinner, when he told Mort that
was the first meal he had eaten since yestermor-
ning.    Mort, moved to sympathy, had intended to
give him a little money, but somebody calling off
his attention, he presently saw Cahill advance
to the bar, take a drink and a cigar, which
proceeding properly checked Thomson�s generosity.
I have given Cahill small sums � generally
quarter-dollars � of mornings, not at all liking
the idea of a man being hungry, yet doing no
more than was necessary to keep necessity before
him.   Otherwise, were he sure of a bellyful and
a shelter of nights, he would inevitably loaf
away his time.     I�ve reconciled him to his old
companion, Bob Gun, whom he owes a good deal
of money to, in this way.   A drunken scribbler
of stories for the Sunday press, named T. Hamil-
ton Vananda, has of late commenced a continuous               
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