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Text for Page 036 [01-12-1851]

              latter.   Evening, after a somewhat sombre reflective but healthy talking-to
with Barth, the three of us went to Chapins.   A crowded church. I
had a seat in the pulpit stairs.   Mr Hart and Dillon there. The Sermon
are expressy in advance of the movement for the earlier dosing of stores and
merchant�s offices. A good course, and not unworthy of the man, affording
scope for healthy truths, though not a grand subject, or a wide one.      The
service and sermon over, all five walk down Broadway, and take a
quiet stroll on the Battery .     Parting with Mr Hart and Dillon at
the Ferry, we walk to Canal.   A general oyster stew and glass, then
to our rooms and bed.       Charley returned half an hour ere this con-
summation.  His brother Albert has the small pox.     �Lotty� hath
been very sick this past week but is convalescent.  So mote it be. Sorry
should I be to think of her bright smile dimmed by sickness.
           Of Barth I have passed harsh judgment. He hath a kind heart
and a generous nature.   Let me think well of him, yet.   Let no
manifestation of goodwill unto me pass unregarded, or be taken as a 
right, Martin Chuzzlewit-fashion.
  13. Monday.   Down town. At Park Place, at Genin�s, at
the �Era� Office &c.   Met Rascal Hawkins, who telleth that he
projecteth a new paper �The Sunday Tribune�.     Drawing from the Art
Journal during the Afternoon, head gear.   Evening, thus present,
doing the same.              A pleasant incident.  Charley bringeth here
a bright red waxen-looking apple done up in paper with ascription
				�To Charley�s friend Tom
				from his friend Lottie
						( rather small )�
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