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Text for Page 081 [08-06-1859]

ger article which I subjoin.   She really
shows pretty shrewd intuition of her adversaries
opinions�, but is a tremendous fool to publish to
all the Ledger readers the fact that her husband�s
relatives detest her.    How the Bostonians must
chuckle over it!  And how delightful for Jim!
  There�s something to be said on Fanny�s side
of the question too, worthy as she is of the epithet
which awoke such indignation in the bosom of Mrs
Tow-wouse�s chambermaid.    Mrs Edwards had a
dislike to her from the outset.   And I believe Jim
himself has let Fanny know how she is regarded.
He�s just the man to be guilty of such a piece of
candor, believing so well of the woman as to suppose
she wouldn�t hate with all her hating might, in
consequence.           Mort Thomson has shaved off
his beard, sporting only a moustache.  He must be
trimmed and condensed to the womens� fancies
of course.     Ed. Wells, perchance in dutiful imi-
tation, has also retrenched his beard into an
unassuming pair of whiskers.          Another
item in illustration of the thousand scoundrelisms of
O�Brien.    Gun going tonight to an advertising
bootmaker learns that the Baron Inchiquin has
victimized said bootmaker to the amount of $70
or so.     He came with a good customer, wherefore,
the man gave him credit.     �I�d like to shoot him,� 
said the defrauded tradesman.               
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