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Text for Page 082 [08-07-1859]

  7.  Sunday.   A steamboat ride to Fort
Lee and back, before dinner, with Morris � day
lovely.    Cahill up.      Evening to Edwards �.
Haney and Wells there.  The former goes up
the river, to join the party at Grafton Centre,
to morrow afternoon.      Mrs Edwards asked
me to go, as heretofore did Sally, for which I
am indebted to both of them.   I yearn to be
off in the country, but shall hardly go there.
  8.  Monday.  Overhauling and condensing editorial
for Century.     Bellew came, just from Tarrytown,
looking broad and brown, his hair cropped a la
Francois or a la pugilist.    He is looking for board
and lodging, returning permanently to the city, his
wife and child remaining in the country.    Down
town in the afternoon.     The house 290 Broad-
way where I lived so long in process of demolition.
I�m glad of it.           To Century and Nic-nax of-
fices.     Nast came in, having this day journeyed
from Grafton Centre, with intent to stop two days
in New York, but returns with Haney.   Bellew,
Cahill, Haney and presently Mr Edwards� up.
(Latter shook hands with Cahill but didn�t talk
to him.)     Haney and Nast off.     With Bellew
and Cahill up-town, the former supping with me.
To bed early, being diarrheaish and out of sorts.
  9.  Tuesday.   Only out for a half hour in the
morning.  Laudanum taking, diarrhaeish and               
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