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Text for Page 083 [08-09-1859]

not worth much generally, doing little but
two sketches.     Gun sick, too, and Maurice,
latter keeping his bed.     Bellew came at 6.   Get-
ting better in the evening stayed down-stairs, talking
to little Miss Maguire.  She was born in Ireland.
  10.  Wednesday.   Chores &c.  Finished letter
to Alf Waud and wrote one to George Bolton, then
down town.  To �Century� Office.   Saw F. Wood at
Crook and Duff�s and J. Wood entered with Sol Ey-
tinge.    Bellew, Cahill and Shepherd � �Daisy� Shep-
herd � as the fellows call him (he whom I first en-
countered at the Catskills, six or seven years ago)
up, the two latter together both a little drunk.  All
in Bob Gun�s room, Morris there also.   It appeared
that Shepherd, calling on Cahill, had taken him out
to a supper and spree, in the course of which Cahill
had climbed up some railings at the house of Dr Mott,
in this street, and stolen a pie placed near an open 
window, some half dozen lookers-on being watching him.
The pie, in its tin, was hot and burnt his fingers.
After carrying it for a block he as hastily ran back, 
climbed up the railings again and returned the comes-
tible with �Here�s your Pie! � �Thank you Sir! obli-
ged to you! � responded the surprised women recipients.
He and Shepherd had been elsewhere � to no good place
� and were refused admission.        Stories told.  Of
Arnold and Shepherd drunk at Crook and Duff�s
affecting to quarrel and going to Times and Herald               
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