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Text for Page 087 [08-15-1859]

Office and elsewhere.   G. Roberts is going to
commence a monthly magazine, Gayler editor.  All
stealings.    Chores and [phonography] in the afternoon.   Bel-
lew called after supper; with him, Gun and Morris
out to Paff�s a Broadway lager place.  Banks there
but providentially less rampant than usual. He only
stopped to bore us for ten minutes on leaving.
  Cahill heard of as prevalent about Crook and Duff�s.
Gun didn�t rise till near 11, when I woke him.
  16.  Tuesday.  Chores, [phonography].  In the afternoon to
the Central Park, by 8th Avenue returning by the 6th.
A day so lovelily calm, cool and bright that I felt
a deep, tranquil delight in existence and � for five
minutes � a perfect confidence that it would result
in God�s love shown in the perfect future felicity
of his creatures.    Oh me! how long?
	�Through worlds we must travel not a few!�
  Shall I meet Marian Pope there and Mary Bilton?
One dead so many years ago: the other �� where,
and what like, now?
  {17.  Wednesday to       Doing Pic drawings and chores
  19.  Friday.        generally.    Restless, out of
sorts and feverish with staying in town, yet on
the whole congratulating myself that I didn�t go
to Grafton Centre.       Down town occasionally
as usual.    Bellew visited us of evenings, he
being permanently in town, wife and child at
Tarrytown.    Out with Morris on Thursday after-               
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