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Text for Page 023 [09-07-1849]

              with divers flags flying.	Mob crowding, and when the President
landed, in a very savage manner.	An old man, locked arm in
arm with two gentlemen on each side, each endeavour to keep themselves &
companion from being jostled no where. �Three cheers for the Hero of
Buena Vista, lads� � hoorah ! � hooroar! �Most sweet voices.� �Take off
your hat Gineral!�	He did it, exposing long grey hair, an anxious
wearied visage, having in every line of it �I wish I was out of this.� At
length they let him enter the railway station.	/	New York.
To �The Clarien� Office, a new paper.	To Appletons � and got � 12 dollars!
� 12 dollars for some four or five weeks work. Well � disgust prevents detail.
�If he�s not damned the devil will want shepherds!�	  To Robert Roberts.
To Era Office. Then a walk up Broadway, then to Jersey and dinner.
Evening with George an Joe to Harsinius ; for the purpose of the farmer�s
saying �Good bye.�	An hour there, then back.
  8. Saturday. With George to Pier No 5, and aboard the �Philadel-
phia.� New vessel, the forthcoming being her first voyage ; � therefore 
George has the incitement of additional danger.	After talk with an
�Agent,� (George pays 10 dollars,) went off. Met Joe, and all three
walked hither and thither while George was purchasing provant. To
dinner, then again to the vessel.	Afternoon spent sitting aboard in the
sunlight, eating peaches  walking about &c, then back to Jersey. In
the Evening all three over again. Found only a Watchman aboard,
who stated the Vessel would clear out on the following morning at 8.
  9. Saturday. George up about 6, and off, with out good bye, as               
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