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Text for Page 088 [08-19-1859]

noon for a long Hoboken ramble, starting
from the Pic Office and returning by 7.     Got
letters from George Bolton and from Alf
Waud; the first reiterating his and his wife�s
invitations to Canada; the second general
and particular.   Alf�s �wife� and children dwel-
ling at Scituate Harbour, 17 miles from Boston;
he visiting them two days a week, the rest of his
time being devoted to work in the city.    Will is
with his relations at Somerville.     Hayes has had
a bad accident in the explosion of his �Etna�,
while making tea for Alf and another in his
�bachelor�s hall,� the blazing alcohol burning
his head face and hands severely; which injuries
he �got over in an incredible manner� having been
training for a boat race.              Of O�Brien Alf
states only that he has seen him in company
with a brother of Clapp�s, �an ass who feels hono-
red by the position of satellite� to Fitzbouncer.
  Alfs expenses average $20 a week �all he
can make.�   Damoreau is �in partnership with
Smith and as poor as �an ammoniacal comparison.
�Deserves it!� adds Alf in parenthesis.  Thus
Waud.                Wrote or rather finished letter to
Mrs Church.                    Cahill has been drunk
down town in company with Mac Culloch, foreman
compositor of the Picayune during Monday; was
so inebriated that Gun fudged a pretext for not               
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