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Text for Page 089 [08-19-1859]

going up town with him.   His three days
labor on the Courier produced him only $4.
Banks, as Bellew expresses it, has formed a
�criminal connexion � with the Saturday Press;
apropos of which I learn that Clapp�s little Bos-
ton indiscretion was a forgery.              Morris
I find a gentlemanly amiable fellow of narrow
calibre, thoroughly out of place in his present po-
sition.    He is exceptional and sensitive as to small
things and people, no-wise philosophic, analytical
or at ease in this working day world.   Like others
of the class whom I have known he inclines to
small punning.   His work is done very conscien-
tiously, but weakly.   Capable perhaps of occasion-
al excellent essayish articles he is nowise up to
the moment in the rough and tumble of New York
journalism.   Gun meditates bowing him out
civilly.   Morris inclines to melancholy and is�nt
a healthy man.   Nor does he seem to have hold
of himself, to know his capacities.          Mrs
Levison lives in Houston St.     Little Miss Maguire
gave me a stray item anent Mrs L�s �flirting�
and being a �very gay widow� with certain mem-
bers of Chapin�s church, previous to her journey
to Europe.    The little sempstress puked this up
at a house where she was sewing at.         Our
male boarders do a good deal of visiting over the
way, to the development of much jealousy among               
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