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Text for Page 091 [08-20-1859]

folks back from the country this morning,
a general meeting at the house to night.  Thought
of going but � didn�t.   An hour�s [phongraphy], then out
for ale with Morris and Gun.
  21.  Sunday.  With the above mentioned to
Weehawken, calling on Haney on our way to 40th
Street, where we took boat.        We had previously
tried Cahill�s Amity-place boarding house; he
�hadn�t been there for the last two days.�   Lager,
a woody ramble, then back to dinner.        By 4
with Morris to 16th St, visiting Haney.    Mrs
Pounden, the Eldredges and Miss Weaver (!!!) at the
supper table.                  To the Edwards� subsequently,
the three of us.   The girls� all sunburnt from their
country life, Sally particularly so.   Matty, pretty
Matty has suffered less.   Young Honeywell in her vici-
nity.  (I wish he had�nt such an insignificant face.)
Rather a cordial time of it, talking all over �
the recent rustic doings.     Morris left to himself
at first, decidedly chafed at it, as he acknowledged
afterwards, until Mrs Edwards entered, when he
got to monopolizing her conversation.  (He knows
the Nichols� � a connecting link between them.)  Stay-
ed till past 11.
  I have changed my opinion as to there being any-
thing between Haney and Sally.   At least if so
it�s, as yet, on his side only.
  Why I change my opinion I am not going to put               
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