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Text for Page 095 [08-22-1859]

money.   If he drinks she shall be sure to hear
of it.   Her pen and ink is so bad, when he comes
he is to bring her both; she is his own little Wifey;
she did not sleep the whole night for thinking of him.
He must stick to business like a good one and they
may be happy yet; she is a little sad to day and
could cry, she feels ^|so| lonely; she must hold up, she
has a great deal before her.      She must let him stay
with her only one night in the week, it will cost
her a pang, but must be done; please don�t take a
wrong meaning from mention of money.  If he wishes
to please her let him do as she says and some of
these days he will find out how madly she loves him.
She has kissed his minature a dozen times to day
and last night when she couldn�t sleep was looking
at his dear face.   He may have one of her, till
she can get one that looks as she looks now. �Frank
do not drink any more for my sake.�     She will
freely forgive him if he will only do better.    Here
are lines, touching enough, and conveying as stern
a moral as anything in Hogarth:  �Sometimes
I know not what to do with myself.  I am so mis-
erable that if my poor mother was living I would
go to Philadelphia and stay.  I am truly sick of
New York.  I am so unhappy I can never expect
to be happy in this life, and what can I do? nothing
positively nothing.   I only wish I were dead.�  Yet
under the �Bella� of this letter, she writes funnily:               
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