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Text for Page 097 [08-22-1859]

Upbraidings, protestations, threats, complains
of sickness, of Gun�s lack of affection, drunken
and dreary iterations form the bulk of these let-
ters.                                The first poor harlot
evidently loved Cahill to the extent of her wretched
tether: the other was a three fours venal and one
fourth trashy sensuality-cum-sentiment affair. �Bella�
aspired to live with Cahill, to be his exclusive mis-
tress, she hoped for no more.    He shows wickedly,
weakly and wretchedly in this wretched and im-
pure affair.             This was the detail of his life
while running up a score of over $100 with Mrs
Potter.         I�m sorry Haney visited these women some-
times in company with the others: at least I�m
sorry I know it.    Without counting I �� well, it�s
none of my business, except as a looker-on! As such
I chronicle it.
  23.  Tuesday.  Writing and drawing.  In doors
all day till the evening, when I turned out, spite of
rain-drizzle, called unsuccessfully at Bellew�s, went
to 16th Street and from thence to Palace Garden, where
I found Haney with a brother-in-law and half sister
of his, looking on at about two couples dancing, the
night being wet and dreary.   Perkins there.  With
Haney to his room; Bellew came and Hayes (an
English boarder in the house.)   Talk and smoke
till midnight, rain coming down drenchingly without.
Bellew held me company to Bleecker St. where we               
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