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Text for Page 099 [08-25-1859]

the afternoon, met Perkins returning.
Bellew up in Gun�s room in the evening, with
Cahill, who is almost always there nocturnally
now.     His landlady has paid me another visit
with the inevitable exposure of all sort of half-lies
and whole ones he has put off upon the woman.
He owes her $22 or more, didn�t pay her on
his return after domestication with me: indeed his
stories are utterly unreliable and mendacious.  He
lives about, anywhere, feeds down town at restau-
rants, sleeps at the �Smithsonian� at a cost of
25 cents per night; one night (Tuesday) sharing
Bob Gun�s bed, another occupying the editorial
chair in the Pic Office.                     The Hillards up
to see me, this evening, bringing an acquaintance,
one Nichols who had known both Yewel and How-
land in Paris, from which he has comparatively
recently returned.     The two Artists work hard, 
have been hard-up and Howland is �accommodated�
in Bardolphia phrase with a grisette.     Of Yewell�s
little domestic arrangement, Nichols knew nothing.
  I had some claret and whisky, so we drank, smo
ked and talked.
  26.  Friday.  Down town, to Carrington�s, Cen-
tury &c.      Drawing till 8: Haney coming at
6, taking ta with us, subsequently in my room
with Morris and Billington.       Latter is a young
man who has done some exceedingly weak piddlings               
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