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Text for Page 100 [08-26-1859]

in the Pic, who makes even feebler puns
than Morris, and who has written stories for
Harper�s.     He, returned from a country so-
journ, now boards here, sharing Morris� room.
  After sitting till I had finished big Pic block
Haney proposed going to Edwards�, inviting
Morris.    As we were going down stairs, quoth
the latter to me: �Shall Billington come along?�
�No! � no!� I ^|answered| pretty emphatically, and did
right.        Looking at the pleasant house to which
our taking him was a compliment and a privi-
lege as a house of call to which he might bring
anybody, annoyed me into a mental �D__n
his impudence!�           I had an exceedingly pleas-
ant evening talking with the girls, all three
of them, first Matty, then Eliza, lastly
Sally.     Haney sat mostly apart conversing with
Mr or Mrs E. or Pillow, Parton�s half-brother;
Morris did his amiably-common-place amiabilities
� only repetition can do them justice, and time
spun on rapidly till within less than an hour of
midnight.   The girls were so jolly and kind and
pleasant that I half suspected them of being on
an innocent concerted inquisition as to the cause
of Haney�s evident disquiet and glumness.     He
on our being about to part at 16th St. took me
aside from Morris and asked if they (or rather
Sally) hadn�t been questioning about his               
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