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Text for Page 101 [08-26-1859]

behavior in the country, half wanting me as
to giving information (which I didn�t possess) on the
subject.    �When they ask me, I can answer?� said
he.      He seemed sad and I felt a touch of remorse
as it were for having been so jolly with the girls;
incidentally, so to speak, usurping his old place.
Yet the girls are kind and friendly as ever, and
Sally is puzzled ^|by| and sorry by ^|at| his evident estrange
ment.    But she don�t like to ask ��� why?
  Perhaps because he may tell her that he had hoped
that a dearer feeling than the old familiar one exist-
ing between the friend of the family and the young
girls whom he has seen grow up from childhood
might grow up between him    and the elder of them.
Perhaps he fancies this hope quenched in bitter disap-
pointment.    I don�t.   Mayve Ive seen enough of
the girl�s heart to know better.   Why don�t he
speak to her?               I may be able to put mat-
ters� right here and will try to do so � very quietly
� that neither may suspect it.   I do like and honor
both of them.
  27.  Saturday.  Writing, doing two drawings on
wood, then down town.   In the evenings with Gun
and Cahill to sundry places of entertainment in the
Bowery; �Volks Garten, Theatre Garten � and the
like; I meditating a �Century� article on them.  Back
by 11 �.               Mrs Wall is back in the house,
from Jersey.                      I got a letter from               
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