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Text for Page 102 [08-27-1859]

Dick Bolton this week.   �George,� he writes,
�fulfilled my prognostication� (I had forgotten
making one) �in not informing any one of his
marriage until a fortnight after its occurrence.�
Dick urges me to meet him in Canada.
  28.  Sunday.  Writing till 12.  To Frank
Hillards�, a pleasant dinner with pleasant people,
cigars talk and tea, a perfectly lovely day,
with a sweet, sad, cool suggestion of autumn in
it, and aurora borealis� glory at night.       To 
Haney�s by 7, Nast and Wells came, Nast
with sketch book full of illustrations of Wells� 4th
of July �pome� and of our pic-nic.       To the
�rendezvous�.     Honeywell there.     I talked for
an hour to pretty Matty, then told her I was going
to do her a favor.         She �knew what it was
and didn�t care a snap about it.�    I asked
Honeywell to change seats and took his place
beside Sally.      Confidential talk, direct and indi-
rect.      If poor little, chubby, good humored Nast
be hit hard, as Cahill says, and I partly think,
he must have supposed me a fortunate rival, and
experienced unnescessary pangs thereat!   Wells was
mild as usual: he has shaved off all his beard &
moustache, now, not leaving even his inoffending
whiskers.         Haney said, I think, no word to the
girls save at entrance and parting.      And the last
was only a �Good night Sally,� though the kind               
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