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Text for Page 103 [08-28-1859]

girl came into the passage after us as we
passed out.          Well, All�s Well that Ends Well.
  When I got home I found Gun and Cahill
exceedingly and ridiculously drunk in the former�s
room, Morris and Billington looking at them.
The first two had been on an amateur thief-cat-
ching expedition, after an �errand-boy� who, dischar-
ged by ^|from| the Pic., has been stealing letters and some
$30 from the Post-Office.       The quest proved un-
successful but they told such a well-acted flam
about the fellow drawing a knife on Cahill and
Cahill�s shooting him in the shoulder, that for some
short time I was completely deceived by it!
  29.  Monday.  Writing &c.   In the afternoon
a Hoboken ramble with Morris.          Corbin, Gun
and Cahill came up in the evening, the two latter
decidedly drunk, in spite of which, at Corbin�s
solicitation, we must needs go out to Mac Pyke�s
for more liquor, two thirds of which I contrived to
spill on the floor, easy enough to do when your com-
panions are inebriated.     A dreary hour thus, then
between two staggerers, home, Cahill zig-zagging his
way across the street to his boarding-house.
  30.  Tuesday. [Phonography] and drawing on wood.   Out
in the afternoon, first to the Astor Library, then down
town to the Picayune Office.      A puddle of vomit on
the stairs, the deposit of the drunken printer and
I found both Gun and Cahill still drunk above.               
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