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Text for Page 104 [08-30-1859]

Left almost immediately.   Up sunny and
cool Broadway, met the Edwards� girls, Sally
dressed smartly walking with Monroe, the Califor-
nian, Matty and Eliza behind.          Matty gave me
a greeting smilingly.      I passed the two last again,
Eliza in company with a girl friend, Matty some
blocks behind, walking alone.                   I was
an ass for wasting one grain of sympathy on Cahill�s
presumed passion for this pretty girl.  I find he
has hinted of it to Bob Gun and I believe spoken
more openly to Bellew.    He had no claim ever to
have been taken to the house: I wouldn�t have taken
him there.             He and Bob Gun came, or
rather were brought hom by the engraver Pro-
basco about supper-time.    I found them lying
In Gun�s bed with Probasco looking out of window.
  Wrote to Dick Bolton and other matters.
  31.  Wednesday.   Shepherd up.   From him
I learnt that Arnold is in town, having come up
from the Highlands yesterday.    He, Gun, Cahill
and Shepherd were all on the spree yesterday with
the afore chronicled result.    Down town with Shepherd
after some writing.   To Pic Office.  Found Dixon there,
talking to Gun & Cahill.   Left, to Century Office,
Carrington�s (leaving M. S. at both,) to Post Office,
(where I again met Dixon) then to Sunday Courier
Office.      Haney there and Smith.   I to do a column
or less a week for $5.      Found Gun, Cahill and               
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