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Text for Page 106 [08-31-1859]

three, being the most moved.   �What�s the mat-
ter with him?� she asked me, shunning to ask him, 
I think for two reasons.     The first, supposing it
to be merely slighted friendship, hurt at the ir-
ruption of new faces, she dreads �a scolding. �
The second, supposing another hope has consciously
or unconsciously grown up within his heart � the
girl�s maiden delicacy shrinks from asking, so to
speak, for a declaration.         The others are more
indifferent: Matty I believe thinking �he must get
into ^|good| humor again if he got out of it,� and Eliza
telling him, when at Grafton �they could do better
without than with him!�  which Sally condemned.
Meantime Haney wants by persistence in his
taciturnity, to compel the girls to ask him, when
he meditates giving them, the three together, a
lecture on old friends and new.     �Not even when
a lover comes in � � he will say, fully expecting
red cheeks and stormy denials. ��             Thus
affairs stood when we left the house this night.
I, in reply to Sally�s inquiries, didn�t feel at
liberty to speak of, what I knew of Haney�s feel-
ings, but spoke freely of mine, when I fancied
the girls were growing cold and gradually ignoring
me.    It touched her and she showed very kindly.
She had �no idea!� she said.    Well, feeling sorry
to see Haney glum and sitting to�ther side of the
room, and I, as it were, jumped into his for-               
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