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Text for Page 039 [01-17-1851]

              acts of good-nature hath compromised his dignity � not thinking that
each has been acknowledged and responded to by liking for, and friendship
to him.   Why these little miner courtesies should please both the recipient
and the giver.      And kindness and sympathy availeth not � but is re-
butted, tending only to fatten and inflate this egotistic spleen of the moment,
nor can I with self-respect proffer more than I have done to cleanse
out this [unclear word] discased.        So play out the play � like or like not
I act to him with manliness; nor bate a jot of what I think and feel,
and since silent sympathy availeth not, punish the galling by meant speech
by plain pointing out the smallness of it.        Better be alone than
barter free thought and speech to sooth this unhealthy humor.  I can
live without a friend on this side of the Atlantic.
  18. Saturday.  Down town to Genins, and the Era Office during 
the morning, to Wall Street and get the check converted into money. Then
to Clarkson Street, saw Mary Ann and gave her the �5.  Afternoon
in-doors. Evening down town with Waud, first to Mr Richardsons. Turning
over prints for head-gear, Mrs R only at home.   Left, and after
looking in at the Era Office returned.  Mason and Charley joined us, and
ale and fumigation for half an hour.
  19. Sunday.  With Waud was in the room of a Mr Abbot, looking
over his minerals and reptiles, fumigating and conversing, when Barth arrived.
Mornings exhilarating ramble by the North River shore.  Return and dined with
Barth in Broadway, then back home, and half an hour with Charley, who
had been drawing all the morning.  Barth left, and Mapother called, but
stayed not long.    Evening, leaving Mr Abbot, Cross and Alf in the room of
the former I start for Chapins.  Met Mr Hart on the steps and learning
from him that Chapin did not preach there, that evening, went together
to Liberty Street. A cigar with Mr Richardson, and after a cozy               
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