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Text for Page 108 [08-31-1859]

from running.     That�s why I broached
matters to-night.

  1.  Thursday.  Working hard till 4 or later,
at Pic matters, editorialization and drawing; then
down town.   Found Arnold, Shepherd, Cahill
and Bob Gun in the sanctum, with a bottle of brandy,
(which Arnold had got from a man he writes advertise-
ments for.)    Working in the evening.   Arnold in
Gun�s room.
  2.  Friday.  Writing Courier article, finishing
it by sunset.    Then abroad, first to Bellew�s,
(he out) then to 16th St, then to Edwards�.  Matty
and Eliza had just returned from a visit to the
Central Park, under convoy of Serrell, and were
at a late tea.        Serrell soon left.      Stayed till
the usual hour, 11, most part of the time get-
ting confidential with pretty Matty.     There has been
a tiff with Honeywell, who played sulky on a recent
occasion, on encountering the girls in Broadway.
When he came to bid them good bye, on the occasion
of going out of town temporarily, Matty ran up stairs
and wouldn�t speak to him.     The girl resents being
considered merely �pretty,� is irked at Sally�s pre-
summed superiority of intellect.     She thinks but
poorly of her self, says she has �no brains� � were               
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